O-rings IntroductionO ring material:VITON/FPM/FKM/FFKM/NBR/HNBR... Custom molded products and die-cuts. O ring is suitable to use in static and dynamic applications.
O-rings IntroductionO Rings Standard size : AS568, METRIC. O-rings are O-shaped cross-section which is made of elastomeric materials.
O-rings IntroductionBack-up rings have no sealing function. High pressure and low hardness apply. It compensates the sealing gap and can use one site or each side of O-ring depending on the Pressure direction. It can support O-ring from migration and extrusion.
Vacuum Suction Cup IntroductionVacuum pads are also named vacuum suction cups, vaccum cups and vacuum grippers. It use vacuum principle to absorb the workpiece in order to achieve the purpose of moving the workpiece. It used to move the objects or grip the products.