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CNL seals is the specialized Vacuum-cup manufacture and Suction cup products. Vacuum-cup is the most common and economic seals. Vacuum-cup material:NBR, SILICON, FKM, ESD NBR/SILICON, EPDM... Custom molded products and die-cuts. Vacuum-cup is suitable to use in static and dynamic applications. CNL vacuum-cup is the best choice and high quality vacuum-cup for static and dynamic applications.

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Vacuum Suction Cup Types(Material)

Silicone Vacuum Suction Cups

With Silicone main chain from silicon (-si-o-si) combined chemical structure. Silicone Vacuum Suction Cups features are heat-resistant, cold, non-toxic, with good electrical insulation properties, not resistant to oil, ozone and solvents.

Viton Vacuum Suction Cups (FKM Vacuum Suction Cups)

Fluorocarbon Rubber Vacuum Suction Cup with hexafluoropropylene fluoroethylene copolymer chemical structure. Fluoro Carbon Rubber Vacuum Suction Cup features are heat-resistant, oil-resistant, chemical-resistant, solvent-resistant; not resistant to ketones, esters and nitrate-containing mixtures.

Nitrile Vacuum Suction Cups (NBR Vacuum Suction Cups)

With butadiene, acrylic gel copolymer chemical structure. Nitrile rubber Vacuum Suction Cups features are oil resistant, water resistant, abrasion resistant, high oil pressure resistant, non-polar solvent resistant.

EPDM Vacuum Suction Cups (EPDM, EPT)

With ethylene and propylene copolymer (terpolymer) chemical structure. Ethylene Propylene Rubber features are anti-aging, ozone resistance, weather resistance, chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, water resistance, alcohol resistance and ketones, not for food use or exposure to aromatic hydrogen. CNL EPDM Vacuum Suction Cups specifications and compatibility.

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Vacuum Suction Cups Offerings List

Vacuum Suction Cup for S1.S2.S3.S5.S0 type

Vacuum Suction Cup S1 type

CNL offer a wide range sizes, shapes and materials of vacuum pads options to meet all handling and transfer needs. 

The pads diameters are available from 0.4 to 150mm.

NBR, SILICON, FKM, ESD NBR/SILICON material are available.

Vacuum Suction Cup S2 type

1.5 bellow cup is suitable for irregular, curved surfaces, flexible sheets, smooth or different height. Soft sealing lip can contact surfaces well.

The pads diameters are available from 3 to 80mm.

NBR, SILICON, FKM, ESD NBR/SILICON material are available.

Vacuum Suction Cup S3 type

Minimize contact to the products. Soft seal lip will conform to the products surface well, especially for highly irregular surfaces.

The pads diameters are available from 4 to 90mm.

NBR, SILICON, FKM, ESD NBR/SILICON material are available.

Vacuum Suction Cup S4﹒S5 ultple type

The same applications as S2 and S3 series. Suitable for different level.

The pads diameters are available from 4 to 90mm.

NBR, SILICON, FKM, ESD NBR/SILICON material are available.

Vacuum Suction Cup S0 type

This series are in closed ring shape or semi-ring shape. It is suitable for common use on CDs, DVDs or Blu-ray disk production.

The pads diameters are available in diameters from 6 to 114mm.

NBR, SILICON, FKM, ESD NBR/SILICON material are available.

Vacuum Cup for ZP,VP,PJG

Vacuum Suction Cup ZP type

The shape is based on OE ZP type.


Color and hardness can up to your design.

Vacuum Suction Cup VP type

The shape is based on OE VP##R/A type.


Color and hardness can up to your design.

Vacuum Suction Cup POG type

The shape is based on OE P-A、B、BO、C、D、E、F、FO、H、J、K、N、R、U、W-G and PUGB type.


Color and hardness can up to your design.

Vacuum Suction Cup VP type

The shape is based on OE B-F-D-U type.


Color and hardness can up to your design.

Oval,Square,Sponge Vacuum Pad﹒Peek & Antistatic Vacuum PadVacuum Cup with Fitting

Oval Vacuum Pad

NBR, SILICON, FKM, ESD NBR/SILICON material are available.

Square Vacuum Pad

NBR, SILICON, FKM, ESD NBR/SILICON material are available.

Sponge Vacuum Pad

Antistatic Vacuum Pad

Vacuum Cup with Fitting

Barb fittings are also available.

Buffers with spring can absorb the impacts and adjust the different levels of pick up articles.

Vacuum pads F&Q

Vacuum pads application?

Also named Suction cups, Vaccum cups and vacuum grippers,  It use vacuum principle to absorb the workpiece in order to achieve the purpose of moving the workpiece. It used to move the objects or grip the products. 

Selecting the type of vacuum pads must consider the operating temperature, stroke, speed, pressure, in order to achieve the most appropriate results.

Vacuum pads feature?

  1. EASY LOSS : Most vacuum pads types made of rubber. It contacts the objects directly, therefore, it easy to wear and loss quickly.
  2. EASY USE : No matter what material object need to be sucked, only if it can seal and can be used.
  3. WITHOUT POLLUTION : There are no light, heat, electromagnetic and other pollution.
  4. CANNOT HURT THE WORKPIECE : It is made of rubber material. It will not cause any harm to the workpiece when gripping or laying down the workpiece , but not for hook spreader and cable type spreader.

How to select Vacuum pads?

  1. The adsorption area of workpiece determine the pad diameter and number of pads. If the workpiece is big, taking into consideration the balance of the workpiece, idendiry the adsorption positioning and distribute the pads reasonable.
  2. Selecting the type of suction pads based on the the transferred object and surface condition such like permeability, anti-static, resistance to copper ions, absorption shape, absorption area, flatness…… and so on.
  3. According to different temperature to select different pad material. Recommended the use of silicone (SI) material or polyurethane (PU) material in high temperature environment  ; using natural rubber (NR) material in low temperature environment.
  4. Connection - vacuum pad, connector, connector with buffer.
  5. To transfer from different level - horizontal lifting or vertical lifting.
  6. Stroke Dimensions .

What is ESD vacuum pad?

Electrostatic causes : friction, peel, induction……and etc.
The substance is charged by loss or gain of electrons.

What is ESD discriminate three levels as below?

ESD discriminate three levels as below:


  3. Electrostatic dissipative :

  5. Conductive :
    DIN IEC 1340-4-1 request antistatic material level is 106~109Ω

Why do I need anti-static dissipative grade material?

People walking or friction, is the main source of static electricity. Static electricity build-up can cause electric shock or damage to the precision equipment.

EX : Most moden offices use the central air-conditioning, which use all day will make the air more dry and will cause static electricity easy to produce, gathered and not easy to dissipate.

Why do I need conductive grade material?

In the high-precision space, such as wafer production line, operation room, ammunition depot……and etc. The static electricity can not be gathered. It must be discharge via static-conducting agent in order to avoid danger

EX : Doctors need to monitor a variety of index on precision instruments. If the computer and the instrument are interfered due to static and make the reading is not correct. It may lead to a doctor misjudgment and results in irreparable error.

What is conclusion of ESD vacuum pad?

Electro Static dissipative : Suitable for offices, schools, hospitals, public indoor places, factory offices, processing factory.

Conductive : Suitable for surgery room, ammunition depots, IC equipment, wafer production lines, and other precision plant.

CNL provides two level anti-static materials?

  • Conductive :


  • Electro Static dissipative :


Two kinds of material can be selected?

  1. Silicon
  2. NBR

CNL will use a professional surface resistance measuring instruments to test materials and finished products during the manufacture and QC to sure to meet the above two levels. 

These antistatic materials are widely used in vacuum suction cups in order to prevent the production line free from the static electricity and cause product damage.

Static Electricity Is The Killer Of The Electronics Industry

Electrostatic causes in many ways, such as contact, friction, and so on.

The process can be summarized as: contact → charge → transfer → charge layer formation → charge separation

Equipment or human body cause the electronics up to tens of thousands of volts or even hundreds of thousands of volts, even under normal operating conditions are often caused hundreds to thousands of volts.

The human body due to its own action and contact with other objects - separation, friction or induction and other factors, can bring thousand volts or even tens of thousands of volts of static electricity.

Static electricity is the result of positive and negative charge lose balance.

It is a kind of performance in the object with electric energy. The featuress are high potential, low power, small current and short acting time.

It differentiates hard breakdown and soft breakdown.

  1. Hard breakdown causes dielectric breakdown, burnout or permanent failure in one-time.
  2. Soft breakdown is caused by the performance degradation of the device or parameter indicator.

About CNL Seals Manufacturers/Supplier

CNL SEALS CO.,LTD. Was established since 1993 and began to provide our sealing products to all clients over the world.

We are specializing in vacuum suction cup (vacuum cups/pads), oil seals, packings as our major products. In the past years, improving production ability , upgrading technique research and development capabilities are our target.

CNL takes ISO9001-2015 quality management system to control goods qualifying ASTM、DIN、BS、JIS and SAE international standard.

CNL CNC department can support rapid processing all kinds of sealing products request. Co-operating with clients to develop new products and improving sealing result.

Moreover, our material also reachs SGS-ROHS, SGS-REACH and SGS-HALOGEN standard.

Excellent quality with competitive price is our major service principles. We provied not only stable quality but also on time delivery.

Advanced production machinery and the continual research and development to earn the good reputation in the industry.

We are always committed to our customers with consitent quality, best price as well as satisfying service to build up the long-term business.

All products from CNL factory qualified the ISO9001:2015 and comply with international standards such as ASTM, DIN, BS, JIS and SAE.


Moreover, all materials CNL used are compliant with SGS-RoHS, REACH and HALOGEN.

CNL bring in progressive equipments to increase the out put. We also trained staffs professional ability.

We believe that the professional training will enhance the quality of production, shipping efficiency and services.

We concerns in materials、production process and quality control strictly.

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