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O-Ring Materials-FFKM

Perfluorinated rubber (FFKM)
Perfluorinated rubber, also known as perfluoroelastomer (FFKM) or perfluoroether rubber (FFPM), combines the chemical resistance, temperature resistance and elastomeric properties of fluororubber.
With high temperature stability of tetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), it also resists corrosion of more than 1,600 chemicals. Its excellent performance helps to maintain the integrity of the seal, reduce the number of repairs and improve safety.

The perfluorinated rubber material is the rubber material with the highest temperature resistance, chemical solvent resistance and clean properties among all the elastic sealing materials.
It can be made into various perfluorinated O-rings, perfluorinated gaskets (GASKET), perfluorinated packing, perfluorinated seals, and perfluorinated oil seals (Oil Seal).
It can be applied to the semiconductor industry, petrochemical industry, automobile industry, aerospace industry, biotechnology and medical industry, electronic products, solvent equipment, nuclear industry and other heat-resistant machinery.
But the disadvantage is that the price is very expensive, pay attention to cost considerations when purchasing.